Friday, June 15, 2012

Celebrating the Wonk

Daddio and I have come to accept the fact that we can't cut or sew a straight line. Half square triangles were our undoing. We were lucky his Thangles quilt came out as nice as it did because we really were in the dark about making those points meet.

The first few blocks that came off the machine were terrible. Terrible. I layered them up with some backing and some batting anyway and am turning them into a wonky table runner. I am enjoying the quilting. I am not being careful at all. I am just putting circles inside of circles with 2 strands of embroidery floss letting all the misaligned stitches hang out in all their wonky glory.

I saw someone quilt with #8 pearl cotton and it was lovely but when I looked at the price of it I quickly decided to make a cheap substitution. I am running it over the wax block to keep it from tangling and it seems to be working just fine. I am also using that crazy plastic thingy that makes creases to trace my circles. It works great on some of the fabric, not so great on others but it still beats using those awful blue wash off markers.


  1. When you press your seams, press them in opposite directions, then when you put the triangles together, they should butt up against each other perfectly. See the 2nd photo on this link as an example. Kind of difficult to explain in words.

  2. Perfection is over-rated - I say celebrate the wonk!

  3. yes go for the wonk... at first I was thinking Conk and thought you were making chowda..this is much prettier... even lovely.