Monday, June 4, 2012

Girl's Weekend

It's not very often that me and my sisters get together but when we do it is always a weekend to remember. On Saturday we worked for about seven hours straight putting up a pool in Middle Sister's backyard. On Sunday, we fine tuned Daddio's yard. Little Sister had never used the new riding mower. I've had the all the fun for the past few weeks so I didn't mind sharing. That beautiful blue behind her is the Chesapeake Bay. Daddio has a spectacular view.

After we tucked Daddio in for a nap, we had some time to ourselves. The Sisters love their hooky-me not so much.

I spent the day trying to convert them.

Little Sister swears she is going to finish the garter stitch spa cloth that I started her out on. We'll see.

 She brought along her gorgeous version of the Serendipity quilt. It still needs its sashing and borders.

 My washed out photos are not even close to the real colors but I'll be sure to get a better picture once it is done.

 We finished up the weekend by making some black bean/quinoa burgers.

They were extremely scrummy.

So much so that I didn't even remember to take any pictures of them finished. I just stuffed them in my face and called it a day.

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