Saturday, June 9, 2012

KIP Day (Week)

I always look forward to knitting in public. I pretty much knit wherever I go. I feel lost without it so when KIP day comes around it never seems like a big deal. I envy people who get to do it in a big crowd. That must be an awesome thing to see.

 I will be a lone KIP'er again this year as I am helping Daughter move all weekend.

We worked all day yesterday loading up the moving van and today it will all have to come out and be put away.

There really won't be any time for knitting so I staged a few pictures on Friday to make it look like I was hard at work on a pair of Magic Loop 2 at-a-time socks. The only real knitting I got done that day was in the car traveling to and from the place which really doesn't count. Since KIP day is really a week long event, maybe when things calm down around here, I may find a very public corner of the world to do some real knitting.


  1. Love the colors on your socks! I'm a magic loop two-at-a-time sock fanatic myself.....but moving not so much!!!!!! Just the sight of the moving truck makes my back hurt! :-)

  2. Moving is lot's of work...I don't like it too much. I love those socks though!