Thursday, June 28, 2012

TdF 2012: The Impossible Dreams

The wheels are not the only thing getting prepped for this year's TdF. If I regain the use of my miserably itchy arm, I plan on also making a serious attempt at using my two "oddball" spindles as well.

I had some very dusty abandoned projects-in-progress already on them. My goal is to spin some additional yardage on each everyday that the riders ride in hopes of getting two small (very small) skeins by Paris.

This is where someone needs to say "good luck with that".


  1. If I know you, you'll have it done and waiting for them to arrive in Paris. Itchy arm...poison ivy?

    1. Huge, red, itchy bug bites. I think it is from the Asian tiger mosquito that we have down here. Daddio and I were carding wool on the deck Monday and I got bit on my right arm 3 times.

  2. Good luck! I hope the bites clear up - I've had a real problem with ants this year.