Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Real Eye Opener

My post on the sad financial truth behind some high profile transplant "non-profits" elicited a response from a reader that opened my eyes and changed the way I will donate forever.
Master sewist Melodye from Melodye's Needle Notes alerted me to the existence of

After joining (it's free) you can check up on any organization that is asking you for money. The Mister saved himself some money just this morning when he asked me to look up a law enforcement non-profit that he was about to write a check to. They were definitely not worthy of his or anyone else's money.

I feel better now knowing that although the government regulatory agency's could care less how donor money is being spent, the donors themselves have a means to find out what is really going on.

Be warned: Take your blood pressure meds before you go searching. When you click on those 990 forms they have to file with the IRS and see the salaries those non-profit Executive Directors pay themselves and their flunkies, you will need it.

*I would also like to thank Anne at Talking to My Dogs  and all you Facebook folks for picking up my post and adding your own two cents. As the USOC found out, fiber folks care about a lot more than sticks and string.

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  1. I will bookmark that and be sure to use it.