Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Freeing Up the Wheels

With the TdF only days away, I really needed to get some old projects finished. I am going to need two wheels for what I have planned this year.

My two pretty bobbins of Easter egg dyed Corrie singles were finally ready to be plied into sock yarn over the weekend.

TCM had three back to back great old movies on, so getting all this plied on Sunday was no trouble at all.

Thanks to some nasty mystery insect or two, I spent the day at the doctors being treated for the biggest bug bites I've ever seen. They are all up and down my arm. Right now, not only do I NOT want to touch anything even remotely wooly or itchy-but I am also afraid to go outside. I may never go outside again. If I do, I will take some pictures of the finished skein. It is enormous and very pretty.

1 comment:

  1. lol...never go outside ever again. Sounds like something I said last year when I saw a snake in the grass.
    Since I would like to see this huge skein of yarn, I do hope you'll be able to venture out soon.