Saturday, June 2, 2012

Still Infected

My Color Affection is dry and all I can think about is what I might have in the stash to make another.

I have no idea why this thing is so addicting. It is certainly not the best looking thing I have ever made. It is, however, light and airy and big enough to do it's job. Perfect for when I have to go inside somewhere that is too air conditioned in the hot summer weather like a restaurant or the movies, where I always freeze.

I also have a confession. I was right when I thought that mine was a bit skinnier than the ones I had seen. I left out one of the stripe repeats at the very end. It seems the word "more" as in "7 more repeats" was overlooked. I should have had 8 repeats and I only have 7. It still works as a nice little shawlette. I wore it to the Doc's yesterday with Daddio and it did a very nice job of keeping my shoulders warm without being too much, so I am considering this mistake a win. Now to go find something that works with bright pink...

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