Monday, May 23, 2022

You've Got Mail


Look what I've learned to do! I discovered that I can finally do online orders at Ikea. Believe me, I've tried in the past and they would never deliver to my zipcode but now they seem more than happy to take my money. This is the first of three giant boxes I am expecting this week. I've got a lot of replacing to do-sheets, pillows, towels etc. What I couldn't get them to do is send me the new couch that I really need. Not yet anyway.  Of course, I'm not opening anything until we get the okay from the vet on Friday. We're not taking ANY chances of ever having to go through this nightmare again. 


  1. I'm jealous that IKEA will send to you. They won't take our ZIP either. The nearest store in in Kansas City, three hours away and with the price of gas there's nothing I need that badly.
    Oh, I do hope that you get the all clear on Friday. I'll be praying all week for you.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Another wish for the all clear on Friday!!

  3. Just a few more days!!!
    I don't know if Ikea would deliver to us out here, but I know at the townhouse, their delivery prices were ridiculous! (and we were only 30 minutes from the nearest Ikea) Of course, that was pre-pandemic, so things may have changed!!!

  4. Oh, it will be nice to be on the other side of this mite business!

  5. I'm so glad Ikea will deliver to you. I'm even happier that your nightmare seems to be ending. I cannot fathom what you've been through. Good luck on Friday!