Thursday, May 19, 2022



No, not this kitesurfing.....

...the kind that comes wrapped up in pretty paper from Miss Babs.

Every year she comes up with a MDSW colorway that represents something about Maryland and I suppose kitesurfing is a thing in Ocean City. I had to look it up since I've never heard of it or seen it here on the bay.  She also sent me a little pigtail of another yarn she carries to swatch but it's just too cute for that. 

I need to get my knitting fingers moving again. This one is going to be calling my name no matter how far away I stash it. And just think...I didn't have to risk Covid to get it. Daughter has an adult student that attended the MDSW and after two years of being careful, four days later she came down with........well, you know. 


  1. That is a beautiful colorway and I can understand why it would be calling your name. We used to drive on I-84 across Oregon when Mandy lived in Portland. In every season except winter there would always be people kite surfing on the Columbia River. Sometimes literally dozens at a time. There are world wind surfing contests held there because of the high winds in the Columbia Gorge. We all used to love to watch them race across the water, being pulled by the beautiful kites.

  2. That colorway really is beautiful - have fun with it. What will you make? Sorry to hear about Daughter's student...between rising numbers and the weather, I had no interest in attending MDSW this year!

  3. It's way too easy to buy yarn on line, isn't it? That sure is a pretty color though. We had really strong winds here yesterday, and this morning's paper has a photo of people windsurfing at a nearby park on Lake WA. Apparently a tree fell on some relatively close power lines, and a big area has been out of power for hours. Luckily we are fine but have lots of stuff to pick up in the backyard.

  4. So beautiful--give in and start something with it--you will be surprised how relaxed you will feel!
    (too bad about daughter's student--it's going to be a threat for a long time yet)