Tuesday, May 10, 2022

TNT:The Itch to Stitch


I had to urge to work on this again yesterday but it didn't happen. 

When I went into the sewing room to dig it out I got sidetracked. Not by the mess of all my bagged up stuff but by.....

...these. I could find one sock in progress but it seems I had bagged up the other sock somewhere else-in a whole other room. It took so much time to finally locate the second sock that I gave up. At least the urge is back if not the execution. 

The reason for all this renewed interest is that I managed to get one of these. It's Miss Babs MDSW 2022 colorway which was Kitesurfing. She had posted that she has some left over from the weekend and was putting them in her online shop so I bought a skein in her sock weight. I usually stand in line about 45 minutes at the festival to get some every year and as annoying as that sounds-it's actually really fun. 


  1. Very pretty yarn.

  2. That anonymous comment was me. I don't know why my phone does that. It drives me crazy!

  3. Yay! The urge is back. I did see that colorway from Miss Babs on line and thought it was really pretty!

  4. I'm so glad you have the knitting/stitching bug back and not any other kind!

  5. Oh that's a very pretty colour! I'm glad you're getting urges again. I have plenty of urges, but free time is not cooperating! I haven't sewn a thing in TWO WEEKS

  6. Well, now the post from tomorrow makes sense about looking at socks! :-) I should have read the oldest post first. Oh well. I am glad that you're stitching again. I love that striped colorway and the new yarn is gorgeous too.