Thursday, May 12, 2022

Number 8


I finally got around to putting a few rows on my Lofoten socks.

I also started Advent sweater Number 8 but for the first time I strayed from the suggested Arne and Carlos colorway. 

Their Number 8 is Christmas green and red and I just wasn't feeling it in May. I changed out the green for maroon and the red for a light green. I can always swap out this holiday colorway later when I'm in a more holly jolly mood. 


  1. LOVE that you are knitting again! The socks are gorgeous and I like your revised colorway for sweater #8.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling more like knitting now. Love those socks so much! The little sweaters always make me smile no matter the colors.

  3. I like your colour combo much better!

  4. I like your color choices much better that the ones recommended. The contrast in the colors will show the design a lot better.

  5. Glad you found the socks and added some rows. The sweater #8 looks good in your colorway!