Saturday, May 7, 2022

Happy Sheep Day!


No. I'm not there again this year but I can dream. 

I'm still too itchy to deal with the likes of stuff like this but I'll make it up to myself when I'm feeling better by having an online spending spree. I could use some new fiber to spin when I'm in the mood to do so again. 

Looking back at old blog posts I see that the last two years I was there I complained a lot about this. It's been raining non stop for two days so I bet the field is a mess again this year which is too bad.....

...because the best part is taking a break from spending and knitting or spinning on the hill with all the other fiber folks next to your glorious haul. Maybe next year will be MY year weather wise AND health wise. Could I be so lucky? Only 365 days to go...........


  1. Pretty rainy here too. The "boys" were supposed to go to a sheep shearing and charcoal burn out past Lancaster. But, the weather is just too awful. Thankfully, they found something at the Peter Wentz Farmstead that caught their interest.

  2. It's nice to dream. I'm grateful for the online access to fiber so you don't miss out completely if you can't go to a fiber fest!

  3. I guess it gives you something to look forward to!