Friday, April 1, 2022

The How and the Why


Some of you asked how on earth did we manage to find ourselves in this itchy mess and I've had plenty of time now to think about how it all came about. First, I think when you have a little pampered frou frou lap dog like Pup vets don't think mange when they get itchy. It also didn't help that I would bathe her before I took her in for testing. I was washing the mites off. 

What they also don't know is that we live in a dirty old decaying forest that is populated with lots of creepy critters that spend a lot of time walking all over the yard especially at night. 

The biggest issue is this I think. Right before the pandemic, the vet changed the outdoor cats from Revolution to Vectra because one had some hair loss on his neck where the medicine is applied. Revolution is the only flea med that kills mites and fleas. The indoor cats always only ever got a dose or two of Advantage during the summer and fall months. I thought fleas were the only thing I had to worry about. Ha. 

Then there was the remodel. For three years we had the floors covered in plastic which probably was a great breeding ground for who knows what. It's probably not a coincidence that we were all attacked when we pulled it up and started to put down the new floor. 

It's a darn good thing I have a significant cat allergy because no matter what I have always vacuumed every day. EVERY. DAY.  Always have. I also cover their beds and the furniture and change those linens everyday and keep all of them out of the bedrooms and off the furniture. I can't imagine how much worse this might have been if I didn't. It's still pretty bad as it is. 


  1. Oh Deb. What a mess. It just makes me so sick to think of you and The Mister and all of the animals going through this. You have to be so miserable. First covid and now this. You can't catch a break. I'm praying for you my dear friend. You've done everything possible to avoid this. It's a one in a million chance.
    Blessings, hugs and love,

  2. Hope things are getting better.

    Giroux is on Revolution too. It also helps with heartworm, but when he was younger he lost fur where we applied it the first time.

    Your house kitty is so beautiful.

  3. This just sounds so awful...I do hope things are improving. We use Frontline on Mabel.

  4. Wow. I'm glad you have an idea of how to move forward but it looks a bit of a climb right now. Hope things improve soon.

  5. Sounds like you had the perfect storm of events. I hope things are looking up now that you have a course of proper treatment

  6. Sounds like you’ve tracked down the problem and are getting everything under control.

  7. As Nancy said, sounds 1ike you've found the cu1prit and are getting it under contro1. You have my sympathy! I'd be going nuts

  8. So glad you found the problem but am sorry it's been such an awful one. Hope things are looking up a bit now, and that you continue to improve. Sending big hugs.