Friday, April 29, 2022

New Stuff


I may not be doing much these days other than cleaning and healing but I have been buying stuff. I got an international delivery yesterday. From the UK. When I ordered this birth sampler on Etsy for the Grand that's due in September I didn't realize I was ordering from across the pond. I should have. This ABC sampler is full of clues and I just didn't notice. 

I also ordered this cowboy themed material for a baby quilt for the little guy. Of course I'm not working on any of this new baby stuff until I am mite free. Better to be safe and late with the gifts than sorry. I wouldn't wish this misery on anyone-except maybe Putin. 

I have no desire to knit or even touch anything woolly but I couldn't resist this new colorway from MadTosh. It's Gigi Loves Orange. I follow Gigi on Instagram. She is a knitter who is all about orange. I painted my bedroom orange when I was a teen and I never heard the end of it from Daddio who had to paint over it when I moved out. There is nothing shy about orange.


  1. One of our grand daughters loved orange for a while. I ordered something online once that turned out to be China and a scam! Very annoying.

  2. Love the birth sampler and your cowboy themed fabrics. Hopefully you can get to work on these soon! And what a great shade of orange from Mad Tosh!!

  3. Love it all! What wonderful crafts to look forward to

  4. It's nice to see what you have for future plans post-mites!