Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter?


It's going to be a pretty miserable Easter Sunday around here since we are still in quarantine thanks to the mighty mites. We don't have the will to do much of anything anyway but we sure will miss all the Grands today. Looking back on the blog I can see that 2018, for one reason or another, was the last time we got together as a family to do Easter stuff. Can it be four years? Is it possible? Darn those germs. Darn those bugs. You really can't take anything or anybody for granted anymore. 



  1. I hope you can find some Easter joy, even in some small way, this year.

  2. Hi Debbie, I sure hope there was some Easter happiness in your life today. Except for those bugs, you are both healthy and have a warm and comfortable house. I sure hope everything is going to be back to "normal" very, very soon for you. My prayers are with you my dear friend.

  3. True that! Soon you will be joining in again.Sending a hug.