Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Nostalgic Knit Night

I have an hour drive to get to the cafe where we hold our weekly Knit Night. It's the same commute I made Monday-Friday for 20 years. I always get there early and then sit for a while in the car to get my project in order. Tonight I had to bind off the back of my pullover and cast on the front. That's too much counting to do while trying to talk as much as possible so I needed to get this done before going in.

I wore my Classic Lines Cardigan for the first time tonight. I had started it on May 6th, 2010 and used to work on it at school during my lunch break. We talked a lot about school tonight and I left with a heavy heart. I miss my job. In case you want to know, here is my post about why I decided to retire so early.

Show and Tell began with me dragging this hat out into the remaining sunlight to get a decent picture. The texture is amazing. It really is a work of art.

Patterns for headbands literally exploded all over the table along with this super soft ball of a silk and bamboo blend. It was purchased at Hobby Lobby for a ridiculous price. I have never been to a Hobby Lobby. I think I need to go. Soon.

My Show and Tell project was on these giant needles. Come back tomorrow for all the details on my new obsession.

Someone bought this crocheted hat at Franklin's. I have never been there either but it looks like a really good place for a grown-up field trip. We decided we could make this hat and I am pretty sure someday soon someone will.

Miss Prodigy is using her handspun to knit a Gail/aka Nightsongs (!) shawl. It is her first try at lace and I am holding my breath until next week-but seriously, if anyone could pull this off as a beginner lace project she could.

This is not a toe-up sock. No indeedy. It is another stuffed thingamabob named Otis. I think. I should have spent more time talking about knitting and less time catching up on school gossip-but it was particularly juicy tonight.

A crocheted scarf made its appearance. It has beads. I like beads. I like anything shiny and sparkly. I need to learn to do this.

The first of the headbands was cast on and then general confusion began over the M1L direction on the purl side. Somehow it all worked out.

Finally, a very long ribbon scarf inched its way out of its bag for a brief time. Things like this make me wish I had a better camera-or better light.

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