Friday, April 8, 2011

Extreme Knitting Part 2

I found this 5 yard bolt of stretchy material for $5 at Walmart.

I brought it home and began cutting it into strips.

I had a system going that kept it from being too back breaking a job by cutting sections up to the bolt before undoing any more.

I am not nearly done but I made a test cast on with my new size 50 needles. The material being stretchy is really fun to work with. The cast on went on easily. I didn't have enough to knit a row because it uses LOTS of material. I am going to be cutting forever but I see real possibilities here. I only wish the needles were longer.


  1. WOW! I read every blog post you make, even though I don't always comment. I want to know...where do you get your energy?!?! I cannot wait to see the FO here!

  2. Since I retired I have plenty of time now to get into more projects than there are hours in the day to finish. I have a very bad habit of starting things only to let them sit for a looooong time before I finish them. You should see my house!

  3. haha! yeah, it probably looks just like mine! and I'm a SAHM with kids IN school during the day. somewhere along the way this fall I lost my knitting and spinning mojo. wish I could get it back. hopefully it will hit me after May 7 when I see all those little sheepies and yarn and wool at the Howard County Fairgrounds...