Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Knit Night

We have not had Knit Night for two weeks now due to spring break. It's just as well. I needed the time to get my act together. The last Knit Night was not very productive-knit wise. First of all, I spent a lot of time that evening casting on the front of my pullover and knitting the 3 inches of ribbing only to find out later that I had used the wrong size needles. I had to rip it all out and start again. I am also not loving the color blocks. The front and back look like totally different yarn. Same dye lot. I checked.

Then I discovered I had given Miss Prodigy the wrong directions for starting her Gail/AKA Nightsong shawl. I had told her to add in a center stitch when there is no center stitch. There is a center stitch column on the chart but no actual center stitch. That took a long time for me to wrap my brain around so I spent the last week pouring through the pages and pages of Ravelry notes on this particularly difficult shawl in order to be of better help. I actually ended up casting on one myself just to work out the bugs. Did I mention there are double yarnovers? There sure are-and lots of other weird stuff going on here. I am not sure I am going to finish this anytime soon but I have sure learned a lot about reading charts.

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