Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quilting Bee Part 1

Saturday night was supposed to be a family get together to help Daddio get his latest quilt project finished. The wind was fierce that morning and I went out to find my car in a sorry state thanks to a giant tree limb that took up residence in my front seat. Jeesh.

When I finally settled down and got to work, all those little pieces Daddio and I had been putting together turned into a nice little quilt top thanks to Little Sister's piecing expertise.

Daddio had enough confidence to put on the straight borders.

Here is Little Sister, who is fresh from hand surgery (notice the bandage on the right hand) smoothing down the top as we begin to struggle with figuring out a method of machine quilting this thing. Nothing was working. It was all bunching and puckering under the foot of my cheap little machine.


  1. It looks even prettier with the above view. Look how nice those corners came together. I can't wait to see the finished project! After seeing it again, I'm confident we made the right decision going with the green border. You and dad did such a great job sewing all those pieces together. I can't wait to see the next project - I'll just need to put on sunglasses first :)

  2. If you didn't baste the 3 layers together you'll have a heck of a time quilting it. If you want to send me an email mbray54atcomcastdotnet and I'll walk you through it. If not, find a basic quilting book and the directions should be there. See if you can find one by Harriet Hargrave, she's the expert.

  3. Thanks for the advice!
    I didn't even think about basting. We pinned only the edges and hoped for the best. Right now it is more than halfway hand quilted on a hoop and although it is slow going it is turning out fairly well. The next time I am tempted to machine quilt I am making sure those layers are secure!