Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Knit Night

I always come home from Knit Night with a bad case of yarn envy. My friends are always working on more interesting things than I am. Here are some socks in Bernat's new Mosaic. The colors are spectacular.

Someone else was trying out my Knit Pick's Turkish spindle but I should have taken a photo of her Fake Isle hat instead. She used Red Heart in camouflage and it is gorgeous. I have to get some.

This is a pair of Tracey Ullman's Sailor Pants-to-be in Cotton-Ease. I want a pair but my butt talked me out of it. Cotton-Ease feels amazing by the way. I want some of it too.

We even tried our best to convert a newbie. Here she is using the cable cast on to learn how to snag a loop. I hope we didn't scare her away.

Here I am with my latest project that I will post more about tomorrow. It is amazing. Really. Amazing.

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  1. Not so much yarn envy for me, but inspiration by way of patterns I had not discovered usually !!

    Best wishes