Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Get What You Pay For

Remember this? It's the Knit Picks mini sweater/ornament that Daughter wants a full sized version of.

I honestly figured that she would never really wear it so I ran out and bought the cheapest yarn I could find. I am not a yarn snob so I have no problem raiding AC Moore's for on sale acrylic. I got a sweater's worth for about $20.
I knit my brains out for 2 days and then decided that I was making a giant pot scrubber not a sweater. The acrylic was just too stiff and shiny for outerwear. The more I knit the more I hated it. I've ordered replacement yarn that is a step up but still in the affordable range. The crappy yarn is not wasted. It will make a very nice granny square afghan someday.


  1. ...a black and white checkerboard afghan with a big red heart in the center! =)

  2. Had a recent dilemma much the same, except also I had to figure in a fire hazard possibility... so went with what was enjoyable for me, working on the theory that the recipient would love it also for all the good vibes that came with it...
    lovely pattern... hugs Shani