Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holidays in Norway

Daughter fell in love with this mini sweater in the Knit Picks holiday catalog. The thing is though, she doesn't want a mini version to hang on her tree, she wants to wear it. Her exact instructions were for me to make her something to lie about the house in.

Thank goodness for Amazon. I found this used booklet for a couple of bucks. It has everything you need to design your own Norwegian style sweater. I made a swatch (yes, a real swatch) using some of the designs and techniques from the booklet. Daughter wants something chunkier than the fingering weight recommended so I am using worsted weight. She wants it finished before Christmas. Yeah, right.....


  1. She's not demanding at all, eh?! ;-) Beautiful sweater!

  2. *Fingers Crossed* it's ready in time! Oh Please Oh Please!

  3. Ha ha ha ha....you are dreaming. If I knit 24/7 between now and Christmas I just may get it done but who can do that?