Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Mess of Another Kind

Usually I am dyeing the counter weird colors because of wool, today it was because of cupcakes.

I went to Micheal's and bought a bunch of cake decorating stuff from Wilton's. I know nothing about these things so I had no idea what I had or how to use it.

The boxes had directions I could follow so I easily made some fondant leaves and flowers. Then I brushed them with some glitter dust.

I had lots of fun.

Then I experimented with different ways to put icing on. I used a bag, I melted it and I put it on the old fashioned way. This is all tub icing by the way. I added a bit more powdered sugar to stiffen it up so it would do what I wanted. Four hours later and it's all still looking good.

Why all the trouble? Saturday is Daughter's engagement party and she is gluten free. We have cakes ordered but to pay a fortune for a few wheat free cupcakes is crazy. This was a trial run to see if I could pull it off. I think I've got it covered.


  1. Your cupcakes were not only beautiful, they were delicious. Who knew gluten free could be so good?