Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just For Fun

Yarn Harlot had a post last week about knitting with unspun silk. While I was cleaning up the stash mess, I happened to remember that I have a bag of hankies so I thought I would give it a try.

I You Tubed a video that showed how to poke a hole in it.

Then you keep stretching the hole until you can pull the circle out to the size strand you want to knit with.

I used the backward loop to cast on a few stitches for a simple garter stitch scarf.

As warned in the videos, silk is hard to work with if your hands are rough. The tiny strands catch on everything. It is like knitting with a cobweb.

It does have a gorgeous shine and when knitted it makes a lovely soft fabric but I must also say that it takes a while to get used to knitting with it. It's actually been a little terrifying. You have to get in control of this stuff and not be afraid to play rough with it. If you let it have its way, it just wants to float away or go up your nose.

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