Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Love Affair With Jacob

If I could own one kind of sheep, it would be a Jacob.

I love working with Jacob fleece. It isn't fussy at all. It is easy to wash, easy to card and easy to spin.

The color variations make it fun to work with. You can get white, cream, brown and black all from the same fleece. It does not tangle easily so you don't get many annoying lumps and bumps.

It's long staple length and overall volume make cranking out batts fast and efficient. These two monster batts took about a half an hour.

It knits up into a lovely rustic fabric that is warm and almost as waterproof as Icelandic wool.

It's on the coarse side, but it softens as you wear it. The next time I am tempted to buy a giant bag of wool I hope it is Jacob. I would like a sweater's worth, please.

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