Friday, April 16, 2010

Ugly Little Batt

It is ugly and it is very puny. After picking out tons of neps and other nasties from a disappointing bag of washed Corriedale, I managed to card up this tiny little thing. This is going to spin up in a split second and should give me only another inch or so on the sibling socks and then it will be back to digging through the remainder of that bag to try to scrape together enough to finish the job. I am not looking forward to that because along with being just plain annoying, I think that wool gave me a rash.

AND since there was no way I could duplicate the original dye job, I am going to have to continue with the browns but switch up the other colors so it looks like I might have had the foresight to plan this ahead. Ahem. I have no idea why I might have started dyeing batts in the first place. It is much better to dye the wool and then card the colors together. Dyeing this wispy thing was not fun. I am lucky it remained intact.

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