Saturday, April 17, 2010

E Books

I bought Spin Your Socks from Interweave not realizing it was an ebook. It sat here on my desktop for months and months while my printer had one hissy fit after another. Just when I decided to go replace the old HP Officejet 4110, it decided to come out of its coma and print up a storm. 32 pages with huge color photos. It took the old thing all day to churn them out but here they are in a format I can finally read. My age is showing, but I have decided I hate ebooks. I am not too crazy about downloading patterns anymore either. Sure you get them right away but my creaky old technology makes that difficult. Very difficult. Let's keep the US Postal Service in business-just mail me the stuff from now on, please.


  1. The little sheep knitting on your side bar is adorable!

  2. I'm right with you about downloading patterns and crap.... pain-in-the-a*s!