Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Accident?

I hated the awful dye job I did on the sock blank but the socks are not too bad after all. Sock blanks are such a mystery to me. I still don't get how those wide bands of color became these skinny stripes. I am not sure what's going to happen once I get to the stripe-less dark side but for now I am cautiously counting this a small success-or maybe a not-so-giant failure.


  1. Hi Araignee...I've been a lurker for a long time but I had to pop on to say hello and I LOVE these socks! I think you did a great job. I love the skinny stripes. (I'm wiltinrose if you are on Ravelry)

  2. Thanks for commenting! It's always good to know that I'm not just talking to myself!