Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Misadventures With a Dye Pot

I did my homework. I got out my books and studied how to get some subtle color variations using a single dye color. The directions said to let part of the sock blank soak for a few minutes longer than the other part. So far so good, until I got the bright idea of adding a little more water to the pot to weaken the dye solution just a bit for the second part.

Not a good idea as you can see here. In fact this is just plain awful. This is the point where I panicked, grabbed the dye and a brush and just start painting away.

Eek! It's sloppy stripes. How original of me. Go ahead. Have a giggle at my expense. I deserve it. I have ruined a lot of perfectly good wool this week.


  1. It's fun to experiment but hurts when it doesn't turn out the way we intended. I haven't dyed anything in quite a long time because I had so many disasters.

  2. I tell myself if it's too bad I can always over dye it all black. I just can't figure out why I am so color challenged.