Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Stormy Weather

We had some monster storms Monday night that left me with a very bad headache yesterday. Every time it rains I've been getting them lately. Ugh. The only thing I did yesterday between naps was to wander out into the muggy mess and look at the cart garden. 

We were worried about the cukes getting pollinated but I could hear the buzzing bees before I even got close. I've got plenty of cute little baby cukes thanks to their efforts.

The tomato vines are full. They seemed to have stopped growing taller which is fine by me. There are more than enough tomatoes on the vine if we are lucky enough to have them all ripen.

My eagle eyed DIL spotted a berry bush in the yard down by the creek when she was here last week. I do recall the banks of the creeks having berry bushes when we first moved in but I'd forgotten all about them. I'll have to do some homework to figure out just what they are.

The kale and the chard have not fared so well. I had to move them up onto the deck after some nasty bug decided to snack on them. They don't get as much sun up there but I can keep a better eye on them.  We've had three meals from them so far so if that's all there is it hasn't been a total loss.

Speaking of snacks, the Hostas are in all their glory-what's left of them. The deer have eaten most of them all the way to the ground this year. The Mister was doing a regular hat dance out in the yard over it. Last year they killed all of the ones we had on the far side of the yard. We'll have to figure out a deterrent for next year or we might not have any left. 


  1. I love the pictures of the baby cukes - plants are so complicated yet simple. I think it's the little tendril and the fuzzy tops of the berries that looked so adorable!

  2. The baby cukes are adorable. I find tomatoes don't get as tall in pots as they do in the ground. I only really grow them for fun (Dave does the eating) so I don't mind if they aren't huge.

  3. It does look like you're having some success with your garden. It seems there is always some success and some failures with every garden. At least that's the way mine have been. Apparently there was a huge storm in town Monday night here too. When I went in to clean out my craft closet, *gasp*, yesterday we had a loose shingle. The neighbor said there was horrendous wind. We had none here at the lake, just a gentle rain thankfully. Dennis had to take a half day of vacation to replace the shingle as the inspector is supposed to be there this morning. Cross your fingers for us. That roof is SO high that I won't be sad to leave that behind.

  4. I'm glad it is mostly a win on the gardening front. I wish I knew a better deterrent to the deer snacking but we are having problems, too!
    Love to see the deer but not excited about their foraging!

  5. I think your gardens are doing so well. GThe baby cukes are adorable. Remember that kale and chard really prefer cool weather (good fall crops!!).

  6. Your garden plants look great! I miss being able to have fresh produce right outside my back door. Enjoy!

  7. Your berries are wineberries, a rather sour first cousin of raspberries. They make a great jam. With a little sugar on them, thy can be used as toppings for ice cream or yogurt. I have even made wineberry pies with a streusel topping.