Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Soap: Not Mine!

 Just like there are rock stars in the knitting world, there are rock stars in the soaping world and I worship them from afar. Two weeks ago I spent a hair raising afternoon with my finger on the refresh button trying to buy soap from one of them before their website ran out. It was all gone in minutes....but I got THREE bars- and immediately felt ashamed of my greed. So many got none.

 Zahida, the rock star soaper of Handmade in Florida puts out her wares every few months and they are gone in a flash.

 You'll see why in a second.

 Look at that soap.

 It smells like heaven.

 Every bar is a work of art and she makes hundreds. You can watch her do it on You Tube. Trying to figure out how she gets her swirls so clean and crisp is keeping me up nights.

 Even the tops are something special.

To really torture you, she adds a small sample of some upcoming releases. The one on the right smells incredible. It is called Sensual Oudh. Oudh is made from agarwood and it is one of the most expensive raw materials in the world. You can buy 6 drops for $3 or an ounce for $461 at Eden's Botanicals. I want some. In my dreams. I'd have a better chance getting one of those soaps when they come up for sale but that's not going to be easy now that these samples are out. Sigh.


  1. They are really beautiful!

  2. Oooo"s, ahhh"s and wow"s! I've never heard of her so I will check out our! Good acquisition!!!!!

  3. I don't see the difference..I LOVE your soaps

  4. Wow! I get my soap from Cranberry Morning. When are you going to sell yours?

    1. She does have lovely soap. No selling here-just gifting. Lots of gifting.

  5. Those look nice, but I think yours are pretty fab too. I've gone through two bars now and Im trying to decide which to open next!