Thursday, August 6, 2015

Nobody Likes Goodbyes Part 2

 It all comes down to this.

 There is no money to be left behind, just debt. There is no jewelry or bonds to be divided. The family fortune consists of a bunch of old glassware and ratty furniture covered in cigarette burns.

My inheritance consists of a dirty plastic box that had been stored in the eaves of an unheated garage since Mom died thirteen years ago. Daddio couldn't bear looking at her stuff so he crammed it away out of sight and mind.

 For all the toil and trouble, I'm walking away with a handful of pink Depression glass that Mom had collected for me.

 It's not really worth anything. It's chipped and scratched but I know Mom wanted me to have it and that means a lot. She'd have killed Dad if she knew what he had done with it.

I can't complain. I don't have much better to pass along to my kids when I'm gone. I collected spinning wheels and looms not diamonds and gold. If yarn becomes a commodity, my kids will be well set. Ha.
Mom and Dad didn't have much but they did have a life worth living while they were living it-and that's as it should be.


  1. The Depression glass is beautiful - and very valuable in its meaning to you - that's what matters.
    When it comes to inheritance, its the history that matters. Before my grandfather died, he gave me his compound bow because he knew I always wanted to shoot. It's far to big and heavy for me - I'll never have the strength to use it (my grandfather was a bear of a man) but it means the world to me.

  2. The glass is beautiful; it goes well with yarn. The memories are the treasures. You are rich with them.

  3. I had no inheritance, but I always knew that would be the case. I have a few costume jewelry pieces that belonged to my mom, which I love.

    But a life worth living is always the most important thing. I hope you use the lovely glassware, :-)

  4. I'm glad you have the beautiful depression glass, not just because it's beautiful, but it's connection to your Mom. It's a lovely honor. I think the thing about the no money but debt left behind is far more common than discussed, non? I'm just glad the lives in that home were so good. I'm glad you have a lot of love. I'd hug you if I could -- and well, if you wanted it, don't want to creep you out ;) I should see if the kid can inherit our rent controlled apartment?

  5. hold tight to the memories and you will be surprised at all the ways they come back to you in the years to come.
    The pink depression glass is lovely. Use it for all your special treat times. Your fig jam will look beautiful on those plates with some buttery scones as will your slices of fruit cake. I wish you'd go back and get the brass door knocker and put it on your front door.

    1. I just might if one of the sisters doesn't get it first!