Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Soap: Cured

This is the state of the tub. Not only am I trying out all the melt and pour I just made, I also have cured cold process that needs testing.

The goat's milk and peppermint soap recipe that Delighted Hands shared with me was a big success not only with me but with The Mister. We've gone through two bars already.

The tussah silk and kaolin clay recipe that I made up on my own is nice. Very nice. I've been using it for a week and so far all my skin is still on.

The calendula and chamomile soap was also finally safe to use.

This one smells so good that I cut one in half so my four bars will last longer. I used some cannabis fragrance oil with a little red currant and cinnamon. It's yummy.

 In a couple of days the Clean Linen bars will be ready to use. I'm not wild about this fragrance but it was a free sample and free is free.

 The Juicy Pear will be cured at the end of the week. This one has no fragrance left but sometimes as soon as the bars get wet the fragrance returns. I hope so because the fragrance oil smells great in the bottle.

 As much as I love the feel of the cold process bars on my body, I still prefer my unscented melt and pour with clays and charcoal for my face. In this humidity my poor face doesn't need any extra moisturizing. Maybe in the winter.

I went ahead and shrink wrapped it all up to protect it from the dust and critter cooties. You leave the ends open so the soap can continue to cure which really means to shed its excess water. This type of soap has about a year shelf life if you keep it cool and dry. Now my curing shelves are practically empty which makes me sad. I'd do something about it but it's just too darn hot. Putting on smocks, gloves and goggles is not my idea of a good time in August. I'm taking a nap instead.


  1. Success! I'm glad you like the peppermint soap! It's our fav! You package your bars so pretty!

  2. Happy happy nap. All of your soaps are wonderful!