Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dog Days

 In order to get Pup's walk in we have to get up pretty early.

 Once the sun comes up the road is too hot for a walk.

 She's always ready to go. Me, not so much.

 Up the hill she goes smelling the same things everyday.

 I've come to be a big fan of these. She likes to "go" in the worst possible places.

 The neighbors must think I'm crazy. Me in my long orange muumuu pushing a neon green dog stroller.

 The old doggie loves to go for a walk too even though her legs don't get her very far anymore. She loves the stroller. Me too.

We got Pup a new no pull harness. It works like a charm. She now walks like she's a training school graduate instead of like a wild thing on a rope.

Back home it's time for breakfast and ....a nap. It's a dog's life.


  1. You will become the neighborhood legend! lol
    The dogs and you have a great routine; enjoy until the snows come-Autumn will be here soon and soothe your souls with beauty!

  2. GAK! She is soooo cute!

    Our dog is older too, and walks really slowly. But it's the highlight of his day.

    I know a lot of people are appalled by pet strollers, but I think they are such a good idea.

    Give your pup a kiss from me!

  3. Aww Those no pull harness are the BEST

  4. Seems like a fantastic morning routine to me! I love that picture of her looking up from her stroller. She looks like she's smiling. hehe. I wonder who is walking whom. heh.

  5. I love that little doggie smile when she is in the stroller. LOL