Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cooling Off

 So how hot has it been? Damn hot, that's how hot. Too damn hot to be exact. Luckily for me, I have an ice rink or two to help pass the time until Mother Nature comes back to her senses. Because of the heat, I had to buy a new bag.

I always said when I was too weak or lazy to carry my own skates it would be time to call it quits. I thought those fancy roller bags where silly. Then it got too hot to wear all those layers you need to stay warm in the rink. I was cooking on the hour ride up and back. I needed a place to stuff a giant pile of clothing so a carry on bag made sense. Sold.

 It also gave me plenty of room for stuff like this. This is Undine. I love those perfect stripes.

My second Hermoine is not being neglected. She got an entire color block done in the hour of down time between classes. I'm not complaining. An ice rink is just where you want to be in weather like this.


  1. There is a method to your madness! Looks good to be if you can knit sitting there! (great socks on the needles btw!)

  2. An ice rink in August. Holy shnitzel Araignee, I think you're brilliant. We San Franciscans are really put out by these unusual blocks of warm and humid hot weather. We sound like wusses to the rest of the nation but we aren't equipped. No AC, many of us don't have fans even.

    Anyways. I love the sock knitting. It looks beautiful. I'm joining Undine this weekend. With so many of my favorite people, and socks, and Wandering Cat how can I go wrong? xoxo

  3. One last thing. I also have a rolling cart, but the metal one. I don't have a car and when I would have to haul around snacks for the soccer team or extra groceries ... it might've embarassed the kid, but you know it got the job done with less sweat. I could even get it on the streetcar!

  4. Ohhhh I ONCE knit Al a pair of ripple socks and I loved them. I love yours too. Loving my FIRST REGIA baby sock yarn as you saw today on my blog!

  5. Hey, I'm working on Undine, too! Enjoy those ice skates. It sounds like a perfect solution for warm weather; now if I could only find my old skates!