Sunday, August 30, 2015

Spot On

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sandy O'Brien for suggesting in my comments yesterday that I might have a....ahem, bug problem. Last week we had glorious weather and I was outside enjoying the sunshine on more than one occasion. I usually stay under the umbrella but since it was so nice, I sat in the sun under the trees. Big mistake. I distinctly recall flicking a tiny red bug-most likely a mite that dropped out of the trees, off my shoulder when sitting and picking fleeces last Tuesday. If there was one, there was probably a herd that hitched a ride inside in my hair and on my clothes resulting in four days of complete misery. I'm not kidding when I say I look like I have the measles. It's been awful but at least now I have a plan of action. I've actually been through this before a few years ago. You'd think I'd have remembered it.

 First I debugged myself and the dogs. Since I know Dawn works great on fleas, I covered everybody with a bubbly layer from head to toe and scrubbed away.

Then I soaked in some Epsom Salts just in case anything lingered.

 All my spots got a dose of oils, lotions and rubs-the more the better.

 Later, I took another bath with my magic goat's milk and peppermint soap from Delighted Hand's recipe. Ahhh.....

I even made up a batch of clay and charcoal glycerin soap for my raw face. It has honey, hemp, coconut and shea as a base and tea tree essential oil as its fragrance. Ahhhh....

 Then it was off to purge the house. Every nook and cranny got vacuumed.

 Everything I've touched got washed. Twice. The I used up an entire lint roller rolling everything in sight including my knitting, which I am afraid to touch. I read you can put it in the freezer for 10 minutes to kill mites. Tomorrow.

The machines have been running non stop all day but at least I have the promise of relief and maybe a good night's sleep. Ahhhh.....


  1. You are welcome! We had a similar problem with a visiting dog and fleas. By the time we were finished, we had the cleanest house in the neighborhood. I love your soap. I might have to start a new hobby.....!

  2. Oh, dear! I'm so sorry but glad you can find some help!

  3. Wow! So glad you figured it out.

  4. Well that's a lot of work but definitely better than poison ivy, which you just have to wait until it works its way through your system.

  5. Oh my! So much work. But, in addtion to getting rid of any little critters, you'll have everything all tidy.

  6. Oh wow! I hope all your hard work gives some relief.