Thursday, August 20, 2015

Odds and Ends

There's been a lot of shifting of stuff around here. All the spinning stuff came upstairs to make room for all the junk that now has to live in the sewing room downstairs.

I had to purge a lot of unloved fiber but I did hang onto these orphan batts. Daddio and I made them ages ago. It didn't feel right to toss them.

 Now they are living in a basket next to one of the wheels.

 I'm turning them into some wonky yarn.

 I'm spinning them lumps and all including what I call "caterpillars". I'm not stopping to sort them out.

This is going to be a mish mashed 3 ply that I am going to knit into a lined hat for this winter. Seriously. I will get it done by winter. For real. Maybe.


  1. And so what if you don't! It is a good spin for now; wool endures!

  2. It will be a special hat, right?

  3. Im living vicariously through your spinning. Decided Im not ready to spin JUST yet