Wednesday, August 12, 2015


 One of my Felici socks is done.

I had to conquer the urge to go back and fix that toe. It would have been nicer-and easier to match the second, if I had ended it all in the blue. I could have done that by ripping it out and starting the decreases a few rows sooner but it's August and I'm going to learn to live with it. At least until I get the second one done. If it works out better, this one is a goner.

As for that Knit Picks Stroll sock fiber I'm spinning, I think I'm in love. I need more. Lots more.


  1. Im trying to avoid anything that requires doubles: socks, mittens, fingerless... I have sort of an attention span problem going here...

  2. The sock is fine! But I know what you mean when something bugs you about it! yay for Felici!

  3. I don't know what exactly it is about your toe that's bugging you, but it looks good lady. I love how your spinning zeal (that's a thing right?) has not been deterred since the end of the TDF. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, get more! I fully endorse!

  4. Looks great to me! Remember nobody sees the toe once it's in a shoe....