Friday, August 14, 2015


Wandering Cat is having a KAL.

I have some Barn Cat in the stash.

 I am tired of summer projects (or lack thereof) so I am heading into fall a bit early with some Crispy Crunch colored socks.

The pattern is Undine-which is free. Now the race is on to see which I finish first, my fall socks or my summer listen.


  1. You are the winner whichever comes out first! Beautiful colorway!!!

  2. squeal. I have a bit of startitis and I haven't started yet. Still plugging away on the leftover blanket. I think of a project and my thrill lasts for a day and I change my mind. At least Im not casting on yet. Sent you an email re a spindle question!

  3. That yarn should knit up nicely. I probably have WC yarn in my stash somewhere but chose something else. I love Barbara Kingsolver's writing! Enjoy.

  4. That yarn looks fantastic. You are getting ready for the fall, aren't you! Anyhow, I feel like I should join the KAL. I like Wandering Cat yarn, I like the blog, I like the pattern, I like you. I just worry if there is enough time. I'm so slow these days!