Monday, February 12, 2024

A False Start


The lye I've been waiting for did indeed show up on Saturday as expected but before it got here on Friday I used up the last of what I had on.......

.....the natural cocoa and shea butter soap I had was so excited about. It turned out lovely. It was a perfect pour BUT IT STINKS. That earthy aroma I thought I remembered so fondly is terrible. TERRIBLE. It was nothing like chocolate. Needless to say, this loaf won't be offered up or even used by me. I'm trying to think of a reason not to trash it to be honest. It's that bad. 

So...yesterday I went back to basics and made a simple Lemon loaf. It smelled wonderful. I always get a lot of requests for citrus scented soap so I've got a few planned this week AND a Satsuma Orange fragrance on the way. I needed to clear my palette (and the room) from that terrible stuff I made the day before.

And.....for the record I did change Miss Swift out of her Eras gown and into the closest things I had to the Chiefs colors before the game yesterday. I doubt it had anything to do with that nail biting win-but you never


  1. Great job on Miss Swift, I love that you so enjoy the Barbies! Bet the citrus scents will smell awesome. Happy week, Virginia

  2. Sorry about the stinky fail! It looks pretty though.

  3. Looks are deceptive as that cocoa and shea butter soap looks like it would smell delicious. Sorry, I don't know anyone that needs stinky moisturizing soap. I dare anyone to prove that your Taylor Swift Barbie didn't have something to do with the win. It may be a part of the whole crazy conspiracy theory!

  4. Maybe that soap could be by an outside faucet to wash up before you come in the house. It looks too nice to just throw away. Although, I think we have all had projects that just had to be tossed.

  5. Just wait 8 weeks and the smell will dissipate on the soap and you might just like it!

    1. That's true. I did think of that so I didn't toss it.

  6. That is certainly pretty soap. Maybe as it ages/cures, the smell will dissipate. Lemon loaf sounds luscious.

  7. I'm sorry that soap didn't work out--it should smell terrific! Boo!! It was the dress change that did it IMHO. Pretty dull game until the fourth quarter and then--yowza!

  8. Sorry about the soap smell because it does look beautiful. The lemon looks like custard in your pictures. Not good enough to eat though???
    Yeah for KC! I'm sure your Taylor did help.