Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to School

 Yesterday was a beautiful day. Of course it was, because it was the day all the kids went back to school. It's been hot and miserable all summer and as soon as it becomes nice enough to go outside the kids are back inside for school. It always seems to work that way around here.

 I celebrated my fifth back to school as a retired teacher by sitting on my deck with a big bucket of wool that needed picking. There was a time I thought I needed a picker to do this job but I'm glad I never bought one. It's my favorite part of processing a fleece.

 Pulling it all apart into piles of airy fluff for the carder is the perfect way to spend an afternoon-as long as you stay upwind and remember not to touch your eyes until you wash your hands. Don't ask me how I know this.

When I get this box full of picked Texel I'll be in the carding business again. I really want to turn it into a cardigan someday but that's a long way off from here.


  1. I thoroughly enjoy the hand picking process, too. These colors are very pretty!

  2. Wow - your kids go back early - ours won't got for another week and a half!

    Love the box of rainbow fluff!

  3. I LOVE your tradition. I will have to do something special on Nurses day each year. Bless all the Teachers

  4. Beautiful, fluffy colors in your box. I might miss the first day of school just a little bit, but this year I had extra time with my granddaughter instead.

  5. It looks like that fluffy soft gourmet cotton candy they sell at the outdoor food festivals!

  6. DD#1's kids are back in school also and commented how easy it was to get things done as a result. I remember those days, both as a teacher and as a mom.