Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wedding Gifts

Daughter has a friend who recently had the good sense to celebrate her destination wedding in of all places, Cape Cod. Daughter and Hubby had a great time jaunting around the islands on the wedding weekend- which also happened to be their first anniversary.

Daughter came home bearing gifts. Although I have yet to turn her into a knitter, she does have an appreciation for all things wooly so she drug her better half through an alpaca farm and a yarn store.

Yes, it does especially when you don't know that you are supposed to make a reservation for the return ferry in Martha's Vineyard. They were stuck waiting over there for four hours. This is the back of the tee and in case you don't already know it-alpacas can be dangerous if you get too close to them for the reason above.

She must have spent a lot of time in the gift shop because she came home with some butter soft mittens for herself along with the tee shirt.

 She also brought me back this lovely skein of yarn.

When she went up to the counter to pay, she asked if this was enough to make something out of. The lady behind the counter replied by confessing she had no idea as she was not a knitter. Imagine that. I assured Daughter that you can make something out of any amount. I am going to confess here I have never been fond of alpaca but this stuff is quite lovely. I'll be pattern shopping for it soon.

She also visited this shop and brought me back...

 ...this lovely stuff. I had never heard of it before so I had to look up what kind of yarn it is. The nylon should have been a clue that it is sock yarn. Since it is in Daughter's favorite colors, I suppose it is a not too subtle hint that she wants a new pair of socks.

I really need to thank those newlyweds for choosing such a great location for their wedding.


  1. I can't think of a better place to be stuck in for four hours than an alpaca farm and yarn store! And on Cape Cod no less.........those lucky people!!

  2. isnt she thoughtful!!! Hooray for the buttah soft mittens and the yarns!!