Monday, October 29, 2012

No Longer an Exit Strategy

At the last minute, we decided to once again ride the storm out here at home. Before we resign ourselves to the downstairs closet, my most valuable possessions have to be put in a secure place in case my house takes a direct hit from one or more of my tree buddies. Trying to decide what to save is a bit like Sophie's Choice.

The one thing I can't get out of here is my beloved Mini. She is having an ignition problem and I put off getting her fixed in order to go to Rhinebeck. Now it is too late. I can't move her. She has had more than her share of damages due to falling limbs and such and I have a bad feeling about leaving her in the tree lined driveway.

 My personal survival strategy is to fill all my electronic do-dads with podcasts and audiobooks and fill my ears with sounds other than the storm while knitting furiously on my box of sox. Now all I need is the batteries and my sanity to hold out until the electricity comes back on.
Kitty lovers, at the moment I am writing this, we do have all the outside kitties safe inside the house. I hope we can keep them in for the duration as they are working very hard trying to figure out how to get back outside. They are certainly going to be mad at me for a while.


  1. Stay dry and warm - sending lots of good thoughts your way!

  2. be safe my new blog friend......

    Good that you enjoy the quieter things in life!!!

    I want to see Life of Pi movie