Sunday, August 1, 2010

Looking Forward

The Polwarth fiber that I dyed in shades of gold, olive and burgundy is now 93 grams of yarn.

I am a bit disappointed in the color as the singles seemed to have had more variations in shade than the 2 ply does. This is just a bit too barber pole-ish for me.

Of course once I start knitting with it, it will change again so I am not counting this as a complete fail just yet. I chain plied the leftover singles and liked how the colors worked better. Too bad I didn't make a sample before I plied it.

I am hoping to have enough for a tam and some fingerless mitts. I plan on spending the cool, crisp days of autumn on the walking trails behind my house instead of in a classroom so this project is more than just a hat. It's freedom.

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