Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Special Delivery

That was fast. Knit Picks got this stuff out to me in record time. I was hoping that it wouldn't show up until The Mister was at work. Even though it was totally in my budget, I still get "the look" when boxes show up.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Turkish spindle. They say although it is not finished it is ready to spin right out of the pack.

Mine certainly wasn't. It was very rough around the edges and covered in sawdust.

The roving was lovely. The Peruvian wool, the cheapest, was predictably scratchy, but scratchy wool has its uses. The Merino blends feel lovely. I can't wait to dye them.

To get my total up to free shipping and to use up my $50 gift certificate, I added 2 skeins of Bare lace weight and some Gloss in black.

Although initially I had wished The Mister wasn't home for the delivery, it turned out it was a good thing he was there. He saw the spindle and went to work getting it ready by sanding it and giving it a few coats of sealer to smooth it out. Tomorrow it should be ready for a trial spin. I can't wait!

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