Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Torrid de Fleece 2010

Like yesterday's riders, I am off to a bumpy start. It's too hot for wool. 101 degrees too hot. I even woke myself up at 6 am to get outside to comb before the monster wall of heat descended upon us once again. In spite of the early hour, I still made myself completely ill and had to retreat back into the house to recover. I had been doing my combing inside but that was before I put my new white couch cover on this weekend to impress my holiday visitors. As soon as I find the energy, I am going to re-cover the couch with something so I can drag my bucket of wool back inside where I can comb in comfort. As for right now though, I am so not interested in warm fuzzy stuff.

1 comment:

  1. So know what you mean about the heat and wool... thought I would be spending all my time blogging and spinning, but too hot even to move fingers over keyboard, or eyes across screen...
    hugs and love the combs and spindling done so far...