Monday, July 26, 2010


I have not crocheted in many, many years but when I saw this set of hooks from Knit Picks for only $4.99, I could not resist.

While waiting for my hook kit to arrive, I dug up a few old hooks and some leftover Vanna yarn from the weaving stash and practiced on a few hexagon motifs.

Cheapo acrylic makes the best warp so I have tons of it.

I had a good old time hooking away with my old hooks. When my new kit got here, I sadly discovered that the best thing about them was their box because I hate the shape of the Knit Picks hooks. I am NO crochet expert but I AM fussy about the hook shape. The shallow rounded dome that some hooks have leaves me frustrated when the yarn continually slips out and off the hook. Sorry Knit Picks, I am a huge fan but I am sticking with my good old Susan Bates. They get the job done.

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