Monday, May 17, 2010

Now You See It....

...and now you don't. Almost. I am a total bag junkie so I just had to try out one of the new clear Knit Picks project bags. For about $6 you get the the smaller tote with the handle. The notion bag is around $3. I drug it around the mall today, taking the opportunity to sit and knit my two-at-time magic loop socks at Panera Bread while waiting for Daughter to get her hair cut. In spite of my reservations about it being so plastic, it turned out to be a decent enough bag because it is stiff enough to sit up on the floor. Best of all, I really like being able to see inside it because with so many projects going at once it always seems that I am either picking up the wrong bag as I head out the door or not noticing that I don't have everything I need packed up and ready to go. I suffered an intense case of knitting withdrawal at work the other day when I discovered I neglected to manage to put my knitting in the bag at all. I had an EMPTY bag. All day. I have yet to fully recover from it. It was that bad.

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