Monday, May 3, 2010

A Few Festival Friends

It may have been a miserable day for shopping on Saturday but the animal barns were well ventilated and shady. This little cutie wasn't letting the crowds disturb its breakfast.

The unseasonable 90 degree weather did not seem to bother the adorable baby goats who were taking turns beating the hell out of each other and then beating up a red folding chair. The little black one was particularly naughty and then seemed to put itself in time out in the corner.

I was feeling sorry for myself because I was so miserable until I saw what this guy was wearing. I hope he was in line for shearing. Poor guy.


  1. aahh, cute sheepies. Shame it was so hot for you.

  2. It was so much worse for the animals. I have never seen sheep panting before. Some were caged in the broiling sun, poor babies. But I suppose they were still luckier than those on the grill!

  3. I can imagine these sheep are sweating and picture millions beans of sweat showering down. LOL!!!