Sunday, May 9, 2010

Last-But Not Least:The Socks

Of course I had to add to my collection of 50 plus balls of sock yarn, so on Sunday morning I queued up for Socks That Rock and bought a skein in the Lenka colorway. I then went over to pick out something from Creatively Dyed, which had a lovely location with a breeze and a big fan. I spent a long time there before I decided on some sock weight in the Ghana colorway.

Before heading home, I went back over to Misty Mountain farm where I also came away with this ball of Crazy Zauberball.
At $20, $23 and $19 a skein, this is some pricey sock yarn.

To end my 2010 Maryland Sheep and Wool posts, let me confess that I also stopped on the way home at Micheal's where I came away with this pretty Patons at $4.99 a ball. I just couldn't help it. I still had a few bucks in my pocket.

This year's total: $415.
I went a little crazy, but I am now only 27 school days away from a pitiful fixed retirement income.
This stuff's gotta last me a LONG time.

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  1. Great colours. I really like the Socks that Rock and the Zauberball!